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Being in Southern California, summer didn't exactly end yet. We're still enjoying the ninety degree weather and breezy beaches, but still I miss seeing the snow and ice form around windows from back home. The most beautiful things about the winter approaching is the snowfall, it always reminds me of the purity from the color white, where everything looks brand new and crisp. All the dirt gets covered and the entire night is lit up from the white layer of snow on the ground. Having a winter wedding is always something that seemed intriguing to me. Probably not for an outdoor ceremony, but definitely in a facility with large windows allowing the lit up snow light to add presence in to the room and reflect off the long, beautiful wedding gown.
Wedding gowns are so romantic and connote purity just like the snow, and I'm lately adoring lace details around the neckline, and as details. It gives the wedding dress that extra bit of style and elegance. These dresses were some of my favorites from http://uk.millybridal.org/browse/wedding-dresses-c-21/ . They have the most gorgeous dresses I have seen, and they especially have a large variety of Wedding Dresses for that perfect winter ceremony.
I always thought that wedding dresses were crazy expensive and were tough to get custom-made. Luckily MillyBridal has so many dresses to choose from, and they actually create the dresses based on what you desire. Of course they create the dress to your measurements, but on top of that they also let you pick the color and any custom design you would like to implement into the dress. It gives you so many options to choose from, to where you can match your husband-to-be or the flowers in the decorations at your wedding. There are several options to pick from, to make your wedding the best day of your life. Your wedding should be the day that you of course remember for the rest of your life, and what you wear and how you feel in it will definitely play an important role in the remembrance of the ceremony. Picking out a dress is always a tough choice, and since we're living in a technological and modern generation, it's easier to take the stress out of trying endless dresses to find the one that fits. These are all custom-made, so you are sure they will fit, and make you feel majestical on your big day!

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Winni said...

Thanks for your share .

Arom said...

beautiful dresses....my fav is the first one!

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Beautiful picks