geometry and algebra

Shirt, belt & ring - H&M * Cardigan and necklace - BIKBOK * Jeans - Vero Moda * Watch - Macy's

Once again you guys get a picture of my room. I haven't gotten time to go out with a fotographer who can shoot me. As soon as I get time, you guys will be the first to see!
I am doing something on friday (1. April) and I am so freaking nervous. I'll keep you updated on Twitter.


without shoes we would be barefoot

Shoes - DinSko

I am absolutely in love with these shoes, I just can't get enough of them. They remind me alot of the Sam Edelman Zoe boots, but with cuter, small metal details. I haven't gotten the chance to wear them yet since it's still quite slippery here in Norway and the gravel makes it hard to walk.


black and yellow

Shirt and top - Gina Tricot * Jeans and ring - Bik Bok * Belt -H&M * Shoes - Ebay'ed

I apologize for the absence lately! I've been a terrible blogger, and I have just been stuffed with things to do. But I promise I will leave out some time every week to blog. It's been to cold to shoot any pics outside, so today I just took these in my room.
Now onto the upcoming week... Something big is happening next friday, bet you can't guess what it is?