/pinky promise

Shirt and skirt - BikBok // Ballet flats - Sam Edelman // Bag - Hermès Birkin // Ring - H&M

Can't fall be here already? No, I'm just kidding, I am actually loving the excruciating heat in SoCal at the moment. Still feels like summer, which means I can still wear bright colors, skirts and sandals. Oh, the extacy. 

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Shorts - Gina Tricot // Shirt - Topshop // Choker - Lindex // Ring -H&M

Due to my absence from the blog for such a long time, I have a lot of unposted shots just lying around. And of course, I figured I needed to post them too. These are from my trip to Prague last year. I really cannot believe it has been one year from these pictures already! I hate how time flies. But anyway, I couldn't avoid seeing the beauty in the architecture in the buildings in the Czech Republic, truly breathtaking.

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Shirt - Zara // Jeans - 7 // Earrings - Charlotte Russe // Scarf - Cubus

What's the good life without a little bit of shopping? Well, actually it's been more than a little bit. Probably because I am still living out of my suitcase and I really have to build my wardrobe back up, at least until I go fetch the rest of my clothes from Norway. But I have to say I love the shopping in SoCal, I can't leave a store without carrying a shopping bag in my hand. Yes, shoppingaddict is my middle name.

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/do the wave

Shirt - Lindex // Shorts - Weekday Jeans // Sunglasses - RayBan

Heatwave everyone! Ugh, it's been so hot in California lately, today it was up in the hundreds! Well, we all know what to do then? Dress casual, and comfy. And nothing says that more than a pair of jean shorts, a half sleeve shirt (to protect my shoulders from sunburn!) and a some strappy sandals.

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/in retrospect

Shorts - Bershka // Shirt and earrings - Charlotte Russe // Pumps - Aldo

In retrospect, I see this outfit looks like I could work at a safari, hah. Nevertheless I will never stop loving animalprints! Took these shots back in February, and I still can't believe how hot it was in Southern California at that time. Perfect sun with a breeze, just enough to enjoy some ice cream with friends.

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/what a beach

Jumpsuit used as top - Gina Tricot // Jeans - Vero Moda // Jacket - Cubus // Choker - Lindex

Feeling like such a tourist at the moment. I'm heading to all the beaches and sights just to get to know the city. It's kind of exciting though. I really do recommend people going out and seeing their own town!
This time we went down to La Jolla where there was a sealion beach., and I even saw some dolphins swimming around. La Jolla has a great shopping area as well, so I obviously headed straight there afterwards.



Shirt - Gina Tricot // Shorts - PacSun // Necklace - Charlotte Russe

We took a trip down to downtown San Diego and visited this beautiful place called Balboa Park. The architecture of the buildings was so amazing, and as the sun began to set it truly looked even more dazzling. I am absolutely in love with San Diego, it's gorgeous here. Takes my breath every time I come downtown.