A magnificent waterfall called Langfoss

The bridge between Haugesund and Stord

My former school - so many memories!
...and kindergarten
The cows that lived across the road from my old house
The beautiful streets of Haugesund + shopping
Just last week I started school, and I've had so much to do. I went to Sørmarka - a beautiful busines resort - for a referee get-together for the weekend, and now straight after I got sick. I've been going to school and all, but it's been hard with my cold. God, I hate being sick! Well, at least I'm on the road to recovery.
As I promised, here are the photos from my trip to Stord. We drove across Norway (east to west) and I took a bunch of pictures. Now I can really say that I've seen Norway. We drove past so many trees and over so many mountains, but it was all so beautiful.


Flying alongside pink petals

Blazer and high-waisted trousers - vintage * Black bodysuit - Gina Tricot * Gladiator sandals, bracelet, big ring and headband - H&M * Necklace - DIY * Small ring - Friis & Co.

I've been so busy lately. Last weekend I was at Stord, my home town. This weekend I was a referee at a handball tournament. And just yesterday I started college. I thought maybe I would have a break, but this weekend I am going to a referee get-together. So better start packing!

Lately I've been obsessed with having long nails and french manicures. I just love the clean look and the way you feel like you just came home from the nail parlor. Plus they're such easy DIYs.
Speaking of DIYs, I made this miu miu inspired necklace in the summer vacation. I needed some cute, light-coloured jewellery in my accesories drawer, so this was a great project.


Rock chic

Cropped leather jacket - Lindex * T-shirt - Gina Tricot * Jeggings, necklace and purse - Bik Bok * Gladiator shoes and knuckle ring - H&M * Black studs - JC * Ring and bracelets - vintage

I spent my weekend in my home town, Stord, and I had such a great time. We drove 9 hours from east to west Norway to get there. It was tiring, but so worth it. I met all my old friends, saw my old house and school, and I took a lot of pictures - I'll share. It had been eight years since I last saw Stord, and it was amazing to go back. I've never realized it, but Norway is truly beautiful. The trees, the fjords, the mountains - so peaceful. This trip was so wonderful.


Watching the sun set

Shirt - Gina Tricot * Skirt and gladiator sandals - H&M * Purse - Sassymanii * Scarf used as turban - KappAhl * Jewellery - vintage

I have to apologize for the lack of blogging this past week. I've been so busy. I spent a couple of days at Norway Cup (a huge soccer tournament), had sleepovers and met up with old and new friends. I start college in about a week and a half, and it's going to be so strange not seeing the same people at school in the morning.
Anyway, these are photos from a girls night in that my friends and I had. We ate a two-coursed dinner and watched a movie. So much fun!