Dress - Topshop // Heels - ALDO // Jacket - H&M // Necklace - Chico's (gifted)

I spent Christmas at home with the family. We had our relatives come over to our house for dinner, and it was so much fun. I really love it when families come together and enjoy the holidays. I decided to wear a blue comfortable dress with this gorgeous necklace I got from my aunt. But unfortunately the necklace broke half way through the night... Just my luck.
How did you guys spend Christmas? Hope you're all still enjoying your holidays.

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Shirt - BikBok // Shorts - PacSun // Pumps - Rue21 // Necklace - Charlotte Russe // Wallet - Nine West

Pink was probably my favorite color to wear in the summer, actually anything vibrant. I was being kinda hesitant to post these photos because I didn't have a tripod whilst shooting them, so the outcome was really so-so. But after a couple months I came around and decided to post them now. These were shot back in September when the weather was so unbearingly hot. Still.. I miss wearing shorts and sipping tea in the early mornings.

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Pullover - Calvin Klein // Shorts - H&M // Pumps - Jessica Simpson // Watch - Merona (Target)

I took these shots back in September back when the weather was soo hot. Kinda missing it since the the rain has been pouring down in SoCal lately. Feels weird that I don't even have an umbrella here, cause I usually stay in when it rains. When back in Norway I needed an umbrella for going anywhere, anytime. Oh and back to the outfit, I am so thrilled about these pumps. The perfect nude pair, for absolutely any occasion. Muah.

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Jeggings - H&M // Sandals - Mossimo // Tee - Risøe // Watch - Merona (Target)

Anybody else feeling dusk approaching earlier every evening? I can really feel the winter days shortening, and I am now done with my first semester of college! Feels surreal. Seriously, everyday I spend in California I fall more in love with it. People decorate their houses so amazingly for Christmas, that I'm just left in awe. Really should get out some night and get a couple shots for all of you who don't get to experience it. Truly a winter wonderland.

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Shirt - Topshop // Shorts - thrifted // Belt, necklace and ring - H&M // Sunglasses - RayBan // Spike bracelet - Bik Bok

Ahhh, high-waisted shorts and aviators. Nothing feels the same when you're enjoying the sunset in the perfect attire.
Anyway I'm in my finals week now, can't believe my first semester of college is almost over! Super excited to have a break now, and maybe go on vacation somewhere for a little while. Not that I really need a break from this Cali paradise.
Cheers to 12/12/12, the last time we'll ever see a triple date!

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Shirt - Gina Tricot // Jeans and leather jacket - Cubus

The most amazing thing for me now is not seeing snow in December. It feels so strange, now that I'm in Cali. I'm sort of missing it though, even though the cold must be unbearing back home. I had plans of taking a longer trip back to Oslo for Christmas, but I altered my plans a little and I guess I will now be spending New Year's on the west coast.

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/up high

Thigh high boots - Charlotte Russe // Jeans - Gina Tricot // Cuff - H&M // Choker - Lindex

Now that fall is kicking in and the rain is falling now and then I have fallen in to wearing boots with jeans. I just adore the look, and they keep me super warm. I wore this out to a mall down in Del Mar, just trying to get together some new makeup items so that I can start filming again. Even though I need to finish painting my room and get all my furniture set first. But hopefully things will fall in to place soon.

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/in the midst

Sweatshirt - Bik Bok // Vest - Gina Tricot // Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters

In the middle of everything (amazing) going on in my life I always feel a need to take portrait shots now and then. I like to look back and just try to get personal with memories. This day I will probably never forget, but still I am grateful for so much, good as bad.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend. 
This was my first one in the US, and I can't wait to spend many more here.

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