kaftans & flowers

Kaftan and necklace - H&M

This kaftan is one of my favorite tops from my whole closet. It's so loose and sheer, and perfect for almost any occasion. It is so versatile that I have worn this as a dress, a tunic, a cover-up and a top. Even though this kept me cool in the incredibly hot weather in India, it was so humid that my hair looked like cotton candy. I really had to do something about it, so I trimmed my hair and thereby chopping off my ombre ends. I'm going to miss them, but it was time for a change.

As I wrote on a post a while ago I am starting a fashion/beauty-youtube channel. I finally posted my first video, and you can check out my YOUTUBE CHANNEL right here! I hope you guys enjoy my videos.


urban jungles amongst us

Shirt - Lindex * gifted Shorts - Cubus * Sunglasses - H&M (last year) * Shoes and bracelet - random stores in India

This was the outfit I wore on one of the first days I spent in India. Even though it was burning hot, I had to cover up. My initial idea was to wear shorts and a cami, but my mom quickly reminded my that it is important to also protect your skin with clothing (because the Indian sun will give you a mean sunburn!).

I also want to thank all of you for sending out your regards in my last post about the terror attack in Oslo. It really means a lot that you guys care. ♥-s for everyone!

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OSLO 22/07/11

By now I believe that most of you have heard the devastating news about the Oslo terror attack that took place yesterday, 22 July. This happened so incredibly close to me, and influenced me so deeply because it affected people I knew and their acquaintances.

Yesterday around 3.30 pm in downtown Oslo there were news about an explosion at the goverment building. My first reaction was that I thought this was a joke on twitter, but then I turned on the tv and saw several reports on the case. There had been an explosion in the prime minister's office, and people had been injured and possibly lethally. This was a shock for not only Norway, but the whole world. How did it happen, who did it, and last of all why?

I sat and watched the news and kept myself updated on the Internet to see if any questions were answers. After a couple of hours there were reports of shooting at Utøya, where there was currently a youth camp for politically engaged teenagers. We were all already traumatized over the fact that there had been an explosion, and then an even more horrible story breaks out. A man dressed as a police officer said that he had to visit Utøya for a check-up after the explosion. This man then engaged in shooting the teens who were there. He took many innocent lives, wounded several people and traumatized a whole nation. This man had no regrets as he smilingly was escorted away by police after one and a half hour of mass murdering teenagers.
A friend of mine was at Utøya at the youth camp when the shooting happened. She luckily survived and explains that she must have had a guardian angel. You can read her story here,(in Norwegian) and read how horrible this experience was for the people on Utøya during the shooting.

Yesterday was a terrible day for Norway, but we are a strong people and we will not be brought down by this horrible action but rather let it strenghten us. Over 90 people did not die in vain. I trust in the wise words of our prime minister Jens Stoltenberg - "Vi er en liten, men stolt nasjon. Ingen skal få bombe oss til taushet." (We are a small, but proud nation. No one shall bomb us to silence.)
My thoughts and prayers go out to all the injured, their families and the people that lost their lives during this tragic event.


india photo diary

1. View from the plane (somewhere between Oslo and Frankfurt)

2/5. Layover at Frankfurt Airport after getting a facial and my makeup done

3/4. Arriving at Indira Gandhi Airport in Delhi

6/7. A lovely restaurant in Chandigarh with the most amazing sweet'n'sour chicken!

9. The taste of Mountain Dew (ordered it everywhere because it's impossible to get in Norway!)

15. Eating at Pizza Hut (it was funny because we became regulars)

19. Last day in India after getting my Henna tattoo

21. Workers in the Indian market dying clothing

22. A delicious cup of hot chocolate for the trip back home


the end of a fairytale

Shirt - BikBok * Shorts - Gina Tricot * Necklace - Cubus

I took these shots on the last day of school before summer vacation. The day was quite intriguing actually because I was the host for our last day of school-gathering and I was performing. It was kind of stressfull, and it went even worse when my mikes chose to not cooperate with me while I was singing (and I was cheered back to perform again). Nevertheless it was a fun experience, and I can't wait to get a brand new start at a new school in August!


color my blocks

Skirt - Risøe * Top and necklace - BikBok * Belt - Gina Tricot * Nail polish and sneakers - H&M

If you follow me on TWITTER you know that I came home from India yesterday! I had such a fun time, and I can't wait to share some pics with you guys. In the meantime I thought I'd post some photos that were taken before I left but never got time to post.

The first week of summer break my town put together a festival, and of course I had to go. I hadn't yet gone all out with the color blocking-trend, so I gave it a try and here's the result! It wasn't as crazy and kiddy-looking as I initially thought, and I actually liked it.