/in the midst

Sweatshirt - Bik Bok // Vest - Gina Tricot // Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters

In the middle of everything (amazing) going on in my life I always feel a need to take portrait shots now and then. I like to look back and just try to get personal with memories. This day I will probably never forget, but still I am grateful for so much, good as bad.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend. 
This was my first one in the US, and I can't wait to spend many more here.

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/classic navy

 Dress - Nordstrom // Belt - H&M // Pumps - Jessica Simpson // Lipstick - MAC So Chaud

So my favorite place to shop, has to be my mom's closet. I found this blue dress, and of course matched it with a complimentary orange belt from H&M. I usually always wear jewellery when I go out, but this time I chose a clean look because I already had gold accents on my belt and my shoes.
And these are actually my first pair of Jessica Simpson pumps, and I can honestly say I love them. perfect height, perfect look, perfect everything. So excited to wear them again!

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/mixed prints

Jacket - Bebe // Jeans - Vero Moda // Shirt and ring - Bik Bok // Skull scarf - PacSun // Wedges - Hailey Jeans Co // Purse - vintage

I have been feeling super sick lately, and I really haven't gotten anything done. Stayed in bed for two weeks now, but managed to take a couple shots of my outfit as I was going out to the pharmacy to get some medicine. The fall weather is so cold here in SoCal, much more than I had expected. Better start getting comfortable in jackets and jeans rather than skirts and sandals.

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Dress - Nordstrom // Tee - Forever21 // Belt - H&M // Shoes - Mossimo // Necklace - Cubus

Sometimes trying to figure out what to wear is the most difficult decision in the world, other times you just get frustrated and end up putting some pieces together, and actually getting an outfit. Well, this is kind of what happened. I pulled out this dress and a tee from my closet and quickly cinched it together at the waist with a turquoise belt. And it didn't turn out too shabby I'm glad.
I haven't been blogging for the last couple weeks, but I have been swamped with so much. I traveled back to  Norway for a quick trip to tie some loose ends, and on the top of it all I was buying a new house in California. Way too much going on at the same time. So therefore the blog was neglected for a little while, along with myself. Now I really have to get back on schedule, with school, blogging, filming, moving, and a little bit of social life if I'm lucky. 

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Knit sweater and choker - Charlotte Russe // Shorts - H&M Conscious Collection

So this is from back in February when we visited a vineyard in Southern California. There was this amazing restaurant in the midst of it all, with the best red wine I have tasted in a while. We probably spent the whole day out, and even though I started off the evening with heels, I ended up with sneakers. Nevertheless I truly admire people who run errands in high heels. Haha, I will never be able to do that!

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