/acid rain

Acid wash jeans and ring - Bik Bok // Men's sneakers - Polo

Hi I'm a boy and I got bangs. Nah, just kidding. But I seriously do love men's clothing, and now my latest obsession is men's sneakers. It just makes the whole outfit more laid back, and I don't look as cutesie as a dress and heels would make me. And I typically find them more comfortable as well.

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/floral pleats

Skirt - Nordstrom // Necklace - Charlotte Russe // Bracelet - gifted // Pumps - Rue21

It ain't spring till you break out the florals! Feeling like I'm gonna be hung up on high-waisted skirts this season too. Always a go-to for me. 
On another note I got sick again, and I'm juggling working, blogging and recovering right now. So please forgive me if I'm late with posting!! I haven't been able to work out either, and if you didn't know - going to the gym is my guilty pleasure. 

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Blouse - Michel Fashion // Jeans - JCP // Ballet flats - Sam Edelman // Sunnies - Ray Ban // Bracelet and belt - H&M

Spending some time in La Jolla is perfect for the sunny days here in SoCal. I love the buildings in this city, and they look amazing when the sun glares off them. Spring almost feels like summer lately, and I truly can't get enough of it. Shorts and dresses here I come!

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/sunset blvd

Shirt - Topshop // Trousers and bracelet - H&M // Shoes - Jessica Simpson

How awesome are these shoes? I literally fall for anything with color when spring comes around, and these babies were the perfect add to my spring wardrobe. I'm so excited now that it's warming up and I can start wearing color again. It really does brighten up the days just to add some neons in to my closet. What's your spring must-have?

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/hollywood babe

Dress - Nordstrom // Vest - Forever21 // Shoes - Target // Ring - Friis&Co // Necklace - Burlington 

I spent the day in Hollywood after the Oscars Sunday night. We went to the after-show and got to sit in the amazing Dolby Theatre only hours after the main event. Gotta say it was kind of exhilarating to be there. Regardless I got absolutely no sleep that night, and followed by spending the rest of the day being a tourist in the rest of Hollywood. I wasn't wearing this all night, I actually was just wearing the dress and a pullover. In the morning I realized how freezing cold it was and quickly put on a jacket and some knee high socks.

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