/up high

 Shirt - Michael Fashion // Jeans - Vero Moda // Pumps - ALDO // Watch - Inex // Rings - H&M

I can pretty much say I never do a casual updo unless I'm having a bad hair day, and I don't have a beanie to hide it under. But this time I actually just felt like getting my hair out of my face. Grabbed a couple of hair ties and tons of bobby pins, and voila -  a birdsnest on my head. Lol, I don't believe I will wear this again, but it's kinda fun to switch up the hairdos now and then.

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/sheer black

Sweater - Charlotte Russe // Vest - Gina Tricot // Pleated sheer skirt - Bik Bok // Nails - GOSH ocean\ESSIE set in stones

Pretty obviously the winter here in California isn't the same as it was back in Norway. No snow, no big down jackets and boots, and lastly no frozen hair while trying to have a conversation outside. On the coldest days you will most likely see me in jeans or a maxi-skirt and a snuggly sweater. And really it's such a stress-ease. No need for fifty layers of clothing anymore! Oh and my go-to lazy hair is always falling asleep with a french braid, and taking it out in the morning for natural waves.

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Shorts, earrings and ring - Bik Bok // Vest - thrifted // Tee and cuff - H&M // Wallet - Nine West // Pumps - Jessica Simpson

So I guess you could say I'm really enjoying SoCal. Haha, the weather is so amazing. Wearing shorts all year round is one of the pleasures of living here. And another one being the breathtaking beaches. I have literally worn these faux leather shorts out, just look at them! But they are truly my fave, high-waisted and just the right noir shade and gloss. 

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Shirt - Charlotte Russe // Earrings - Forever21 // Cuff - Bik Bok

So a teeny flashback here. Shot these after going out with my friends on the 17th of May, which is National Day of Norway. We went out to the city, where so many people where gathered, and we had so much fun! May was probably the most hectic month of my 2012, seriously crazy. Didn't exactly get much sleep, and I was constantly round and about. Props to that because I love staying busy, even crazy busy.

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Dress - Kohl's // Denim vest and ring - Gina Tricot // Pumps - ALDO // Watch - Inex

This was one of those lazy days where I sat around the house not doing anything. So I got my camera out and took some shots in the place we were living in. We were renting this five bedroom house, but the only place I could find any decent lighting was in the living room. Seriously felt like living in a labyrinth though.

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Shorts and sunglasses - H&M // Sweater - Charlotte Russe // Sandals - Nelly.com // Necklace - Tiffany's

These shots were actually taken back in Norway around April, when it was finally starting to warm up. Even though I still remember freezing in this attire as I went to school. Nevertheless I will never get tired of these shorts. Simply perfect. And they even look like a skirt! Oh and super comfortable. Can't wait for spring to come around here in SoCal too, so I can jump in to my shorts again.

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Dress - PacSun // Denim shirt - Gina Tricot // Necklace - Charlotte Russe // Sandals - Mossimo

This is an amazing milestone for me, because I just reached a hundred blog posts! I can't believe it. I have fallen in love with blogging and this blog has really been such a helpful creative outlet for me. This is also the beginning of a new year, and I promise to myself and all of my wonderful readers that 2013 is going to be an amazing and successful year. I will make all my dreams come true, and I hope yours do too. Thank you for all the support throughout 2012 and cheers to the New Year!

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