birthdays and runways

Some of you wanted me to post the pictures from my birthday. I had a great time, and turning 17 was a great experience, even though I still kinda wish I was 16. I didn't really see how much I was smiling throughout the day until I saw the pictures after the party, almost too much!

On another note I'm done with freshman year in high school/secondary/college (videregÄende?) as of today, and my summer break has started. I'm leaving for India tonight and I am not sure if I'll have access to Internet there, so follow me on BLOGLOVIN' and TWITTER to get easy access to new posts!


pastel patterns

Crop top - H&M * Skirt - Gifted (Gina Tricot) * Shoes - Nelly.com * Oval ring - Lindex * Bracelet cuff - Glitter

I have officially been lazy and haven't taken my camera with me anywhere. I don't really know why, but I guess I like to procrastinate about practically anything. Making up excuses for rainchecks is my speciality.
I know these pictures might not be blog approval worthy, but endure with me now. I wore this outfit to a friend's birthday, and we ended up taking pictures in the bathroom... Yes, the bathroom. Laugh out loud.


grand opening

Blouse, shorts and necklace - Lindex * Leather jacket - Cubus

I was actually hesitating posting these pictures from a grand opening (of a culture house) that a couple of friends and I went to a little while back. I guess I just didn't find the photos that flattering. Today I stumbled upon them again and dedicated myself to putting together a post. It was a really fun event, and the architecture of the culture house looked astonishing.
On another note, I finished my driver's education class this week and I can't wait to get my learner's permit so that I can start practicing on my driving!


rusty nails

Maxfactor cream blush, Maxfactor Infinity nailpolish, Depend nailpolishes, Maxfactor lipgloss, Maxfactor mini-mascara

My favorite makeup and nailpolishes at the moment. I've been loving cream blushes and light, creamy browntones in nailpolishes. I always keep my makeup simple, natural and glowing during the summer.


neutrals in the park

Shirt - Lindex * Tank, bag and harempants - Bik Bok

I've been wanting to post this since last week when I went vintage shopping in downtown Oslo with my friend. Lately the downside has been that my Internet connection keeps breaking up everytime I try to post something. It's getting quite annoying actually.
Also I celebrated my birthday this weekend, it was super fun, but I had absolutely no time to take any sole outfit shots. Do you guys think I should post the pictures from the party?