animalistic simplicity

Pleated skirt, necklace and bandeau corset - Bik Bok * Heels - Nelly.com * Ring - boutique in India

This skirt always makes me feel like I'm in a fairytale. Of course I had to pair it with a leopard top and a bright pop of color - it's just the kind of fairytale I love!
I must say this has to be all my favorite trends all wrapped up in one. Sheer, leopard and color flashing. Yet I tried to keep it simple and centered around the outfit with minimal accessorizing.


a fresh beginning

Shorts and ring - Gina Tricot * Shirt and earrings - Bik Bok * Gladiator sandals - Roots

Every year I sit and think about what to wear for my first day of school like weeks before I even start. It's probably one of the hardest outfits to choose. Do you go all out with your personal style, or should you take it a notch down and try to fit in? This especially happens whenever I start at a new school. Anyways this was what I wore, minus the shorts (because it was freezing in the morning!).
Oh and don't forget to watch my latest OOTD from my YouTube channel!


midnight hour

Shirt and necklace - Cubus * Jeggings - lindex * Heels - Nelly.com * Cuff - Vila* Clutch (wallet) - random place in India

My friends and I went out to eat dinner together at this really cute restaurant this weekend. It was really nice to meet up with them again since I've started at another school, and I have barely seen them through the summer. Going out is always fun though, especially with my favorite girls! What's some of your favorite things to do with your closest friends?