insightful memorial

Blazer - Cubus * Silk shirt - vintage * Shorts - Gina Tricot * Bag - Hermès Birkin * Ring and belt - H&M

The week before school started my friends and I took a trip down to Oslo to see the beautiful sea of flowers that people had laid outside of Oslo Cathedral. It was really touching, and wonderful to see that even though we aren't a big nation, we really do care about each and every person. After the bombing and shooting at Utøya I can really feel how the Norwegian people have matured and strenghtened. I still do feel for all of those who lost their lives on 22.07.11


holiday getaway

Romper - BikBok * Clutch - Morris * Sunglasses - Gina Tricot * Belt and ring - H&M

I just love it when the suns pops out and everything's back to technicolor again (it's been raining endlessly here). It always makes me feel like dressing up as a rainbow, and well - here's the result! I absolutely fell in love with this clutch when I saw it and had to get it! I mean, doesn't it just work with everything, and give it a bright pop of color? The most important thing for me in the summer is comfortable, cool clothing with statement accesories.


stick with the greys

High-waisted shorts - H&M Conscious Collection * Tee - Apt.9 * Gladiator sandals - H&M * Hat - BikBok

Lately I've just been obsessed with wearing hats, especially fedoras. I think they are so cute, and they protect you from the sun (even though Norway isn't always that sunny!). The weather is improving though and I hope I can get a fair tan before summer ends!

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blew me away

Sheer blouse - Lindex * Skirt and ring - H&M (last year) * Platforms - Nelly.com * Earrings - BikBok

My favorite part of summer is probably dressing up for the summer parties. Dresses, skirts, sheer clothing and sky-high heels. It's so fun to meet up with friends and meet new people without thinking about school, work and all that other stress. Unluckily for me school starts in less than two weeks, but nevertheless I am excited about starting at a new school. I am ready for a fresh start, and I feel like this year is gonna rock!



Birkin bag - Hermès * Dress - boutique in India * Earrings - my mom's

I don't even know what to write, I guess this bag speaks for itself. Am I right?

I just can't believe that I am the owner of my very own Hermès Birkin bag. I've always wanted one, but I never thought I would be carrying one on my arm some day. It feels totally surreal. My grandparents bought it for me, and I can't even express my gratitude. I took these shots outside their house after we brought my new "baby" home, and I was so excited I didn't even bother to peel the plastic off!

Whoever said material things don't bring happiness has never carried a Birkin!


maximum potential

Maxi-dress, sunglasses and necklace - H&M * Wedges - Regal (India)

Back in India this maxi-dress was a lifesaver. It's simple, patterned (leopard prints in my heart) and has a beautiful crochet detail on the upper back. I have a little weakness for maxi-dresses and skirt because they make me look oh-so-tall and slim.

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