White picket fence

Sweater dress - vintage * Thigh high socks - Voice of Europe * Necklace - DIY * Ankle boots - boutique in Barcelona * Pearl earrings - Glitter

Sorry for the delay on posting. I have had a bunch of homework lately, and I just can't seem to finish them.
But anywhoo. Fall is here in Norway, and I can't wait to wear chic, inspiring outfits. I went through my mom's old stuff this weekend and I found so many treasures! One of them was this amazing knitted sweater dress. Paired with a pair of gray thigh high socks I got for a bargain at Voice of Europe a little while ago.


Just another silly day

Leopard t-shirt - Cubus * Top and jeggings - Gina Tricot * Black cardigan - Bik Bok * Shoes - vintage * Necklace and watch- CMYK

This shirt is actually from 5. grade or something, I just had no idea how to wear it without feeling emo. I thought that if I put on some accesories and girl it up, it would look better, and it obviously did! Haha, and even my beloved dog, Fido, wanted to be in the shots.

Sometimes I feel like every day is either going way too fast or way too slow, and somehow I feel like I get nothing out of my days. Any ideas as to what I can do?


Waiting by the entrance

Black dress - Bik Bok * Cardigan and scarf - Cubus * Sandals - H&M * Bracelets - Glitter

A couple of shots I took this summer. I wasn't actually going to post these, but I just keep missing the summer, it came and went so rapidly! It's so cold here in Norway that I was walking around in wollen socks and a fleece hoodie the other day. Makes me miss America. I just adore those summer nights when the sky is lit up by the sun behind the clouds.

Btw, my blog was featured on Walk Of Fashion. Check it out!


Nerds are animals too

Leopard tights - Vero Moda * Black tank and pink shirt - Gina Tricot * Nerdy glasses - Bik Bok * Earrings - Glitter * Bracelet - CMYK * Shoes - vintage

I know, this post is way overdue. I haven't had any spare time lately, I guess the summer break got the best of me!
I bought these glasses a little while ago. I never actually dared to wear them outside, but I though I'd give it a go. I actually like the way the look on me, different, but chic. I paired it with one of my fave pair of tights with a leopard pattern. They can spice up ANY outfit!