Dress and earrings - H&M * Pumps - little boutique in Barcelona * Clutch - Accent * Bangle - DIY * Butterfly ring - H&M * Stud ring - CMYK

I decided to post some pictures of my graduation outfit. I used days and hours figuring out what to wear, and I decided that the LBD never fails. I love how simple yet outstanding this dress is because if the "puff"-shoulders. Comfortable as well.
I hate the though of not seeing the people I've gone to class with the past three years, every morning. This is actually the longest that I've ever been in the same class for. Moving around made me used to getting short-term friends.
But all is well, and I was accepted to my first choice of college. I just hope my new class will be as wonderful as my old one.


jemina said...

WOW, simply chic, and thanks for your sweet comment darling, as for your question regarding lime green pants, you can pair them with neutrals or mix them up with other neon colours or even prints!!! :)), Have FUN mixing!!! wishing you a fabulous weekend :)), xoxo

Fashion Butter said...

You are a doll and I am stealing that dress!


Style_Pursuit said...

So lovely! Most of all, congrats on your graduation, that's always such an amazing moment! :o)
The dress is really something to steal from you!


Fashion Chalet said...

The perfect little blACK dress <3 !!


Lara said...

Pretty!! Really nice dress :)