Going Gaga for you

Faux leather dress - Risøe * Blazer - Gina Tricot * Tights - Bik Bok * Wedges - DinSko * Miscellaneous rings - H&M and vintage
Halloween was such fun this year. I dressed up as Lady Gaga. She is such and inspiration - her songs, her avant-garde clothing and her chilled out attitude. Am I right?
Instead og getting the blonde wig (which would look hideous on me), I made a Gaga inspired hair bow. It was actually quite easy, and so was the makeup! I am actually thinking to start vlogging so I can post videos on makeup and hair, etc. Should I?
What did you guys do on Halloween, and what/who did you dress up as?


Mia's Little Corner said...

Looks great:) Like it:)


Nadia Aboulhosn said...

love that jacket

Fashion Fabrice said...

LOVE this pos! I love your eyemake-up! you did that very well:) And your dress is so cute!
I just bumped into your blog and i loved it! All your posts are great reads! You really fashionable! Im gonna follow you!
Hope you visit and follow me back!

Lots of love