flights pass by and i'm still waiting here

Coat - Cubus * Jeans - BIKBOK * Top - H&M * Scarf - CMYK

I've been sick with a cold all week, and I'm still not a 100% better, but it'll work. Yesterday I went bowling and I really didn't try at all, I'm actually trying to grow longer nails (and they always break when i bowl). It's kind of a weird new year's resolution. Honestly, I don't really have any good ones this year. What about you guys? Got any good resolutions?


michelle_ said...

love your big scarff !
the printed top is gorgeous too !

Anonymous said...

No resolutions that is going good for me babe... one of the things I wrote down was that I should concentrate more on school.. Have I? No.
And another one, I should work out more often.. Have I? No.

xx Jawa

Closet Fashionista said...

No good resolutions for me either, haha... :p
Love the outfit and thanks for your comment on my blog :D

Marella said...

You look so cute dear! Gorgeous outfit!

Sia said...

I hope you get better. x

Serena said...

You are gorgeousss- cute blog too!

thanks for your great comment- I'm following you :)


Alina A. said...

great coat!xx


Isabel said...

looks like a great outfit for travelling :)

Tali said...

Great outfit for travel and your scarf is just what I've been searching for.. looks good!
No resolutions for me)) I never keep them anyway.. so just go with the flow)

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Jen said...

Thank you very much for your comment!
Love Jen


I love this look. I travel a lot and I'm inspired by your cozy/chic look. :)

The scarf/hat/wolf was sent to me by Spirit Hoods to model. They're link is http://www.spirithoods.com



Oh my gosh, I love Rachel B. Thank you. :)

I haven't seen that film actually. I'll netflix it now. :)

x X

Angela ♥ said...

great outfit. :)