hipp hipp hurra!

Maxi-skirt, sunglasses and leopard wedges - H&M * Leotard - BikBok * Denim jacket and earrings - Vero Moda

Tuesday 17. May was Norway's national day, and I thought I'd share the spirit of my country with my world-wide readers! I had a blast on 17. May - first I celebrated the morning with my family, then I went out to Oslo with my friends for photos and dinner, and at last we went to my friend's house for some girl talk and relaxation. All in all the day was amazing, and I hope all of you had a great day as well!


Sia said...

wow!! You look AMAZING in these pictures. I have friend from Norway and I know how important the 17th of May is for them. Love Sia x

Maddalena said...


Christine said...

thanks for commenting/visiting my blog! I love style, you look like a supermodel in your photos,I'm following now, follow back? :)


Anonymous said...

such a beautiful skirt :O
Yesterday I try wear something like that but just don't suit me. Plus I was about to travel in a train so, it was unappropriated!



Elaine said...

LOVE the florals and leopard together!

lasophia said...

Very nice pictures and outfit! your country looks beautiful!


Lucinda said...

I LOVE your outfit!! Amazing mixing the patterned skirt and shoes :)

Please check out my blog x

LIGH✝Sdrivemysoul said...

Absolutely stunning! You remind me of Vanessa Hudgens hereee, and your outfit is beautifulll


Beatrice Balaj said...

I adore the skirt. You pulled it off so well!


madzia said...

nice jakcet and bracelet and shoes:)