the end of a fairytale

Shirt - BikBok * Shorts - Gina Tricot * Necklace - Cubus

I took these shots on the last day of school before summer vacation. The day was quite intriguing actually because I was the host for our last day of school-gathering and I was performing. It was kind of stressfull, and it went even worse when my mikes chose to not cooperate with me while I was singing (and I was cheered back to perform again). Nevertheless it was a fun experience, and I can't wait to get a brand new start at a new school in August!


fille aux cheveux de lin said...

lovely outfit, the pattern on your shorts is so pretty

Ria :) said...

those shorts are just amazinngg, and i love the necklace and also, u are verryy pretty, your blog is soo lovellyyy, i will be visiting it again very soon :)



Toyin Lola said...

Great outfit, you look gorgerous


The PvdH Journal said...

I love the pictures!

xx PvdH -designer and illustrator


Lynzy said...

Just found your blog and I totally adore it! Your outfit is so cute, loving the feminine edge with the booties!
xo Lynzy

Emma said...

I love this outfit!
And thanks for your sweet comment btw!


le blog mode Miss Zaza said...

you are so beautiful !

Lacee Swan said...

amazing photo diary!

Grazziella said...

Amazing photos diary !!! You are so lucky to have be there :P
Your outfit is awesmoe and you girl look AWESOMER
Please check out my blog

lifeisamaze said...

Great skirt !
You look stunning :)

Marissa Joy said...

Love that top! So cute!


chicqua said...

Oh.your frm india?.love tìs look.actudly love everythng bt it:-).much love,

daisy c. said...

love your shorts!! and such a pretty blouse too!! fab wedges! (:


Kel said...

I love this outfit.

You look so effortlessly chic!

Love it.

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

currently living in Purple Rain

Whitney said...

Love this outfit!

madzia said...

very nice shirt:) and you have col hair:)