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Acid wash jeans and ring - Bik Bok // Men's sneakers - Polo

Hi I'm a boy and I got bangs. Nah, just kidding. But I seriously do love men's clothing, and now my latest obsession is men's sneakers. It just makes the whole outfit more laid back, and I don't look as cutesie as a dress and heels would make me. And I typically find them more comfortable as well.

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Maria said...

Great outfit! Love love love the acid wash jeans! gotta love acid wash.
And btw you look stuuuunning!

Maria xx

Valeriya Mamicheva said...

great photos - you're very beautiful :-)



Asher said...

Love the bangs!

Mónica :) said...

Love all the look, specially the jeans! I used to have a similar pair. This is the kind of looks I like too! :)

Mónica <3

GONKAFashion said...

great look! ;d

Nieszka said...

YOU are gorgeous missy!!! loving the outfit. and you look good in bangs! are they the clip ons? i got some too but i just couldnt get used to them. And now my hair color is a bit lighter so they wouldnt work anyways! but you look good.


Rakhshanda Rizvi said...

Love the jeans <3 <3 Great comfy outfit Nita!!

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Stacey Lui said...

Lovely outfit. I love acid wash jeans. And men's clothing in general is much more comfortable!