Vest and bag - Forever21 // Dress - Kohl's // Wedges - Mossimo // Bracelet - PacSun

A white leather vest and a casual dress. What else could I need? So ready for summer right now, I feel the heat rising and I love getting my tan on and getting my summer body back in to shape. Well, not back, it was never in shape. More like a shape, I would say a circle. Haha, but seriously, I am working my butt of trying to manage fitness, work, travel and blogging (and so much more!) in to my daily routine. So bare with me if I fall back a couple days on a post! Love to all of you who make me smile every day!!

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ANECIA said...

great outfit, i love white with blue! fantastic shoes, very original :)

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kamila said...

nice sunglasses; DDD

i invite to me too


Leah R. said...

love the dress and white accesories! those shoes are amazing <3