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Shorts - Gina Tricot // Necklace and ring - H&M // Watch - CMYK

Summer might be here, but I still like to have makeup-free days where I just chill around in some cotton shorts and sunnies. Yes, this is just perfect for running errands. I will probably never get rid of these shorts, everything is just so... well, me! If you guys watch my videos you have probably seen that my bed covers are usually zebra-printed as well, so I'm guessing it's kind of a trend with me, hah.

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Nieszka said...

bougainvilea flowers! another thing i miss abut greece. they were all over. love your outfit too of course. works well with the background :)

Sparkle & Chic

Yomi said...

Lovely outfit, love how you hair have 2 colors!

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