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My favorite part of the holidays is always picking out the outfits for the family dinners and Christmas parties. I love dressing up and meeting relatives and friends while enjoying food and company for the season. For December I adore wearing clothes with rhinestones, bright colors and of course a little over the top-ness. I was looking for something simple and short for this month, and I found so many long cocktail dresses of Dresswe.com (http://www.dresswe.com/cocktail-dresses-4352). They are so perfect for every holiday occasion and would even double for the rest of the year too. Elegant curly hair, a cocktail mini and nude pair of heels along with the ugly christmas sweater is always a good pick for whichever event. Looking through Dresswe's website I find so many cute dresses, and since I  couldn't pick them all I chose three of my favorite dresses. I definitely am loving the rhinestones on the dresses along with the gorgeous materials too.

Winter in SoCal definitely feels a lot warmer here than back home in Norway, so I'm lucky enough to still be wearing sandals and flip-flops. But I do definitely feel the weather getting cooler and the rain starting to come around even in the sunshine state. What I especially need to do once it gets colder is find a good pair of boots that matches thicker sweaters and layering in an outfit. I found these gorgeous discount ankle leather boots of dresswe.com (http://www.dresswe.com/boots-100623). They absolutely match the fall and winter outfits that I'll be wearing this season. I am in love with the Timberland boots for winter, and the stiletto woman's shoe is the perfect modification to the original shoe. There were tons of ankle boots on their site and even better, they have a Thanksgiving weekend sale that's still going on! I can't wait for the cooler weather so that I can start wearing these boots and more layered outfits. Who else is excited for the season style change?

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Nice dress, looks so amazing!