Flying alongside pink petals

Blazer and high-waisted trousers - vintage * Black bodysuit - Gina Tricot * Gladiator sandals, bracelet, big ring and headband - H&M * Necklace - DIY * Small ring - Friis & Co.

I've been so busy lately. Last weekend I was at Stord, my home town. This weekend I was a referee at a handball tournament. And just yesterday I started college. I thought maybe I would have a break, but this weekend I am going to a referee get-together. So better start packing!

Lately I've been obsessed with having long nails and french manicures. I just love the clean look and the way you feel like you just came home from the nail parlor. Plus they're such easy DIYs.
Speaking of DIYs, I made this miu miu inspired necklace in the summer vacation. I needed some cute, light-coloured jewellery in my accesories drawer, so this was a great project.


cherie said...

that necklace is so cute. love it. :)

haha, well, I`m glad that you find French manicure easy to do yourself, cause when I do it, I know how to mess it up professionally! :D that`s why I do it so rarely, although I lovelovelove it.

aww, hope you have a great time at college! :)


Fashion Chalet said...

Thank you =)

No, I only "model" for my blog lol.. that's so sweet of you to say/ask though.

I love your outfit head to toe, thanks for the idea!!


Isabel said...

i love the little floral jacket!

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Isabel said...

hey..sometimes google friend connect is a bit wonky...go ahead and follow with blog lovin instead :)

Daniela Rodrigues said...

you look perfect. Love all the pictures and you're outfit...wow!!

your blog is amazing, I must say

Kisses :)

Prutha said...

those pants r incredible... found u on isabel's blog...great work...keep it up


follow if u like what u see?


SLF said...

cool blog, like your outfits :)
follow you now! have a look at my blog :) xx