Rock chic

Cropped leather jacket - Lindex * T-shirt - Gina Tricot * Jeggings, necklace and purse - Bik Bok * Gladiator shoes and knuckle ring - H&M * Black studs - JC * Ring and bracelets - vintage

I spent my weekend in my home town, Stord, and I had such a great time. We drove 9 hours from east to west Norway to get there. It was tiring, but so worth it. I met all my old friends, saw my old house and school, and I took a lot of pictures - I'll share. It had been eight years since I last saw Stord, and it was amazing to go back. I've never realized it, but Norway is truly beautiful. The trees, the fjords, the mountains - so peaceful. This trip was so wonderful.


Isabel said...

i love the jacket! did you get my email about being a girl of the blogosphere?

O'Style said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!

Girrrl, cool leather jacket!


Naima Amarilli said...

Lovely blog, lovely style!


cherie said...

your style is simply great! :)
love the jacket.


Becca. said...

gorgeous outfit, absolutely adore that leather jacket you look stunning!

love this post!

come check out my blog sometime :)

Kirstie. said...

You look great..your jewelry is perfection and that jacket is unbelievable.