Just another silly day

Leopard t-shirt - Cubus * Top and jeggings - Gina Tricot * Black cardigan - Bik Bok * Shoes - vintage * Necklace and watch- CMYK

This shirt is actually from 5. grade or something, I just had no idea how to wear it without feeling emo. I thought that if I put on some accesories and girl it up, it would look better, and it obviously did! Haha, and even my beloved dog, Fido, wanted to be in the shots.

Sometimes I feel like every day is either going way too fast or way too slow, and somehow I feel like I get nothing out of my days. Any ideas as to what I can do?


Silje said...

Du er litt kul da!!!

EMO, du??

Mode Junkie said...

awwww fido is soo cute. i feel the same way about the days too. i keep on taking a lot of photos to capture all the moments. might help you too.

xoxo Mode Junkie