last friday night

Trousers - BikBok * Top - H&M * Shirt - NY&co * Necklace - DIY * Watch - CMYK * Ring - Gina Tricot

So you guys probably wondered what happened last friday. I had surgery. I operated my nose because I had trouble breathing. It's really a long story, but I'm away from school for two weeks now and there won't be much to outfit posts. But just wait till after easter, I'm totally renewing my wardrobe and I can't wait! These trousers are one of my new favorite harems. I absolutely fell for them, and I just can't get enough.


Jelka said...

Pretty pants!

Anonymous said...

Nice :)

Marella said...

Amazing outfit and gorgeous blog!
Following! Follow back? <3

Under the Spell said...

I love your DIY necklace, really cool idea.


fille aux cheveux de lin said...

great pants and the zipper-necklace ;) nice blog, i follow <3

Riz said...

aw, I hope you have a fast recovery! Surgery is scarrry. Just the thought of knives coming at you, haha freaks me out.

P.S. Great necklace. Very ingenious and creative!