Dress - Nordstrom // Tee - Forever21 // Belt - H&M // Shoes - Mossimo // Necklace - Cubus

Sometimes trying to figure out what to wear is the most difficult decision in the world, other times you just get frustrated and end up putting some pieces together, and actually getting an outfit. Well, this is kind of what happened. I pulled out this dress and a tee from my closet and quickly cinched it together at the waist with a turquoise belt. And it didn't turn out too shabby I'm glad.
I haven't been blogging for the last couple weeks, but I have been swamped with so much. I traveled back to  Norway for a quick trip to tie some loose ends, and on the top of it all I was buying a new house in California. Way too much going on at the same time. So therefore the blog was neglected for a little while, along with myself. Now I really have to get back on schedule, with school, blogging, filming, moving, and a little bit of social life if I'm lucky. 

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Sia said...

Those wedges are so cute