Bare black

Bare back top - Bik Bok * Jeans - Cubus * Boots - Økonomisko * Scarf - vintage * Bracelet - Lindex * Ring and earrings - H&M

I took these shots a while ago, when it was still warm enough to stand outside without a jacket for a few minutes. It's been so bad weather here lately, snow, rain and cold wind. It's impossible to go out without being completely wrapped up. Luckily that gives me a chance to renew my closet for the winter. All inspired by army fashion, brown bags with gold details, bangles, tube scarves, biker boots and faux fur hats as well as anything in faux fur!
Tomorrow I'm actually taking a trip down to the modeling agency in Oslo. I've been asked so many times if I am a model, so I thought I might as well just give it a go. Wish me good luck!

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Isabel said...

i love this look..the scarf looks so cozy!