Business is a casuality

Blazer and tank top - Bik Bok * Jeggings - Gina Tricot * Scarf - Kappahl * Seiko watch, bracelets and ring - vintage

I've seriously fallen in love with Konad nail art. It looks so professional, yet you can do it in your own home in about 10 minutes! I bought in Vegas, and at first I didn't understand it, but I got the hang of it after a while.
Yesterday we actually had our first snowfall of the season! Kind of expected it since it's been so cold lately, but it just surprised me when I went out last night. It looked beautiful this morning when I got up though. The streets were covered with a thin white layer of powdery snow and the trees had white highlights in between the branches.

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Mode Junkie said...

hi sweetie!

the scarf is from last winter. but there a lot of snoods in store now. and nope, it´s not itchy at all.

hope you find the perfect one!

xoxo Mode Junkie