Bohemian summer

Top and hat- Bik Bok * Shorts - JC * Sunglasses and necklace - H&M * Ring - Friis & Co

In Norway winter is practically here, or it at least feels like it. It's freezing cold and it's constantly raining or really windy. I took these shots in the summer when it was nice and hot. Oh, how I miss it.
Right now we have fall break, and it's feels so good to just wind down for a while. Today I'm going shopping with my three best girls, and my friend is coming all the way from West-Norway on Friday to visit me and I can't wait! I'll keep you guys updated on Twitter.


Nadia said...

super cute

Isabel said...

you look so cute! i love your sunglasses :)

Viv said...

great photos, you look fabulous!


jamie clare said...

love this look! totally feeling boho right now.

Runway Rundown said...

I'm a sucker for a bohemian summer! great shots!


excellent photography, love how the light beams into the picture :)
- and your sunnies are incredibly chic !

Mode Junkie said...

loving your sunnies babe!! great pics too.

i guess it´s really farewell summer now!!

xoxo Mode Junkie

Lina said...

oh i agree with you. it's freezing cold here in australia too! whereabouts do you live?
Your outfit is perfect and YOU my love, you have perfect skin xox

Annushka said...

cool post)))
I like it!!!;)))

Ruly Muse said...

thanks for comment
I want that temperature back ..... Is to cold here in nyc