Wonderful impossibilites

Shirt - Gina Tricot * Zipper tights - Bik Bok * Gladiator sandals - H&M * Scarf used as belt - KappAhl * Bag - Accent * Hand chain - DIY

Fall break is nearly over, and I feel so counter-productive. Yesterday I tried to sort out some of my winter/summer clothes, but I ended up with an even bigger pile of unnecessary stuff lying in my room. I hope I will have everything tidied up for tomorrow when my friend comes over from West-Norway.
I made this hand chain because I found some chains lying around. For those who don't know, I am a Sikh and the symbol on the chain is a khanda. I thought I would add a charm that meant something to me so I took this off a necklace I had and then attached it to the hand chain. Easy breazy.


Isabel said...

i love that orange tee...such a great colour!

Annushka said...

I love this!!!
Nice blog)))

Silje Ekstrøm said...

halla pena!

:D :D :D <33

Guro said...

Du er peeeeeeen :D det siste bilde var så fint!!

Mika said...

I LOVE your topknot. So adorbs.